James Strock, Amazon

"Where this book adds particular value is in offering big thinking that can help spur leaders to reform the state's dysfunctional governance. If they're willing to make that jump toward the future, they may find many ideas and provocations in this volume to help them along."

James Strock, Customer Review, Amazon (Jan. 12, 2013)

J. McCarney, Amazon

"I have seen the author present first hand and he brings up some powerful points. I plan to purchase this book, in an effort to hear more. You should consider doing the same."

J. McCamey, Customer Review, Amazon (Apr. 25, 2013)

Sandra McDonough, Amazon

"The heart of the book is chapters Five and Six. This is where strong, cogent reasons (with ample support) are given for moving forward with the author's proposals."

Sandra McDonough, Customer Review, Amazon (Nov. 2, 2012)

Amazon Review "RJH"

"This serious scholarly analysis explores the unique diversity of California culture and shows how the state could transition to an independent republic in a practical arrangement that would still heavily favor the United States and benefit residents of California."

RJH, customer review, Amazon (Nov. 5, 2012)

San Francisco Book Review

"[Marcus Ruiz Evans] does provide solid evidence for California's independence, and he effectively argues that independence would be good for California, America, and the world as a whole... California's Next Century has provided me with lots of food for thought..."

Sponsored Review, San Francisco Book Review (p. 112, Sept. 2012)