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New Website offers in-depth analysis on future of California economy

March 31,2014

FRESNO, CALIF. --- An unprecedented collection of research about California's “subnational” status on the global stage is now available online.

The research, stemming from an investigation of global economic indicators, reveals that the Golden State is the only place in the world that has the conditions to lead the world into an interconnected age where all nations are participating in one global market.

Expert Panel: California's Future Will Have Major Impact on Global Economy

November 20,2013

FRESNO, CALIF. --- The future of the global economy depends on California's leadership and innovation in the next century if the United States is to prosper as the economy shifts.

That's what more than a dozen experts, from community leaders to political figures located in all regions of California, concluded during a recorded panel discussion of California's global impact in the 21st Century. There was so much interest in the discussion that it went beyond the scheduled time, and more expert panels are now being planned.

Panel Set to Convene in Fresno on Oct. 16 for Unprecedented Discussion of California's Political and Economic Future

October 09,2013

FRESNO, CALIF. --- A panel of 30 experts -- from community leaders to political figures located in all regions of California -- are set to convene at 6 p.m. on Oct. 16 at 1555 Van Ness Ave. in Fresno, for an unprecedented discussion on California's global impact in the 21st Century.

New Book by Author Marcus Ruiz Evans Titled California's Next Century 2.0 Argues for Political and Economic Self-Autonomy for California

January 05,2013

540 Page Book published by Mikazuki Publishing House titled California's Next Century 2.0, authored by Marcus Ruiz Evans. This book provides a clear roadmap for California's recovery by Political and Economic Independence.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) January 06, 2013

Published by Mikazuki Publishing House and written by Author Marcus Ruiz Evans, "California's Next Century 2.0: Economic Renaissance" is a 540 page, 1.7 pound book that argues for political and economic self-autonomy for California.

Author proposes California as new Switzerland, separate nation from US

June 11,2012

In “California’s Next Century” (ISBN 1475186029), Marcus Ruiz Evans offers a radical proposal for remaking California. For more than a century, California has been a trailblazer for America and the world alike. Its innovative residents have pushed forth cutting-edge developments in commerce, technology, art and lifestyle design. As an overhaul, Evans suggests that California embrace its unique global role and form itself as an independent republic, uniquely poised to become the Switzerland of the 21st century, a global nerve center of international diplomacy, technology and finance.