Panel Set to Convene in Fresno on Oct. 16 for Unprecedented Discussion of California's Political and Economic Future

FRESNO, CALIF. --- A panel of 30 experts -- from community leaders to political figures located in all regions of California -- are set to convene at 6 p.m. on Oct. 16 at 1555 Van Ness Ave. in Fresno, for an unprecedented discussion on California's global impact in the 21st Century.

The event, which will air shortly after its recording on ATT U-Verse & Comcast Networks, will bring together a cross-section of community influencers from across California and the nation. Experts in the fields of media, business, community development, and publishing are scheduled to participate.

At the center of the discussion will be ideas behind the book "California's Next Century 2.0." The book was published by Mikazuki Publishing House, based in Los Angeles, Calif., and offers a thoroughly researched view that California is in a unique position to carry the diplomatic torch once held by Switzerland during the 20th Century.

Specifically, panelists will be asked two questions: 

  • Does California have its own international reputation already?
  • Is the global economy changing in a way that will mean big changes for America?

The panel was organized by its author, Marcus Ruiz Evans. A Central California native, Ruiz said every person on the panel agrees that California may be in a unique position to flourish as a hub of cultural, diplomatic, and economic innovation.

"Switzerland was great as a diplomatic center of the world right after World War II. But even Switzerland has said it doesn't have the cultures that represent today's landscape," Evans said. "My book contends that California can become a global hub for international negotiation and trade for the emerging world economy that will develop during the next century."

Experts from all five major California think tanks, and experts from other influential industries, agree that this is topic is important enough to discuss in such a forum, he said.

"The panel is not to debate the proposed plan in the book," Evans said. "but rather the group's discussion will focus on the facts that lead to this conclusion -- the background information."