Expert Panel: California's Future Will Have Major Impact on Global Economy

FRESNO, CALIF. --- The future of the global economy depends on California's leadership and innovation in the next century if the United States is to prosper as the economy shifts.

That's what more than a dozen experts, from community leaders to political figures located in all regions of California, concluded during a recorded panel discussion of California's global impact in the 21st Century. There was so much interest in the discussion that it went beyond the scheduled time, and more expert panels are now being planned.

“Californians have an enormous amount of business interests in the world, probably more than any other state,” said David Lal, a Bay Area business owner. “If we don't restructure... it will mean ruin for pretty much everybody. But California is in a unique position to actually take advantage of some of the changes in the global economy, because we're right in the middle of it.”

Lal was one of 14 participants of the event, set to air in December on AT&T U-Verse & Comcast Networks in the Fresno market. It was recorded on Oct. 16 and brought a cross-section of community influencers from across California and the nation to discuss the ideas spurred by "California's Next Century 2.0" – a book published by Mikazuki Publishing House, based in Los Angeles, Calif.

“California's Next Century 2.0” offers a thoroughly researched view that California is in a unique position to carry the diplomatic torch once held by Switzerland during the 20th Century. It was written by Marcus Ruiz Evans, who was one of the participants in the panel discussion as well.

“The more people begin to realize – what my book explains in my detail – that the global economy is shifting and only California has what it takes to lead America to prosperity as the power shifts to a global economy, the wheels start spinning,” Evans said. “And when they realize what opportunity California has to play a leading role, they get energized.”

Experts were in-studio as well as called in on the phone, and one participant also was in attendance via Skype, a video conference technology that was accomplished with the help of staff from the Community Media Access Collaborative.

The panel of experts came from the fields of media, business, community development, and publishing.

  • Doug Bloomer, Publisher, Cinema Circus (Southern California)
  • Leona Byrne, Author "Through the Eyes of the Soul" (Southern California)
  • Roy M. Carlisle, Independent Institute Think Tank (Northern California)
  • Tom Elias, Columnist (Southern California)
  • Marcus Ruiz Evans, Author "California's Next Century 2.0" (Central California)
  • Jeff Fowler – Measure “G” organizer (Central California)
  • Marta Frausto – California Otomi Coordination Project (Central California)
  • Jesse Gonzalez, Legal Analyst (Central California)
  • Scott Karl, Financial Advisor (Central California)
  • David Lal, Small Business Owner (Northern California)
  • Jim Lynch, Radio Host (New York)
  • Marky-Lynn Quayle, Small Business Owner (Northern California)
  • Rodney Stanhope, Republican Party Organizer (Northern California)

Jesse Gonzalez was a high school teacher in California. He said that it was his experience with a diverse population of students that has given the state an edge in every industry.

"We lead the nation in agriculture research and agricultural development," Gonzalez said. "California is very much growing and prospering in every aspect of industry. It's also pioneering new industries, and new methodologies."

Tom Elias, a columnist who has written for the L.A. Daily News, pointed out that the idea of a “California Dream” extends much farther than the borders of the United States.

“Anybody who has any talent in any major field wants to come to California eventually,” Elias said, adding that California is a major exporter to the world as well, including being one of the biggest sources of rice for Japan. “This place is a powerhouse. This place has an gross state product that's well over a $100 Trillion. 

“This is a magical place. Anywhere you go in the world, you tell people you're from California, they immediately envy you.”



Published by Mikazuki Publishing House and written by Author Marcus Ruiz Evans, "California's Next Century 2.0: Economic Renaissance" argues for more political and economic self-autonomy for California, continuing a trend of the Federal government giving up authority on certain policies to California and the California state increasingly taking on traditional Federal roles. With more policy freedom California would be able to link its economy better to the emerging global economy of the future and become one of the richest places in the world. The author also delivers a vision of California becoming a "new Switzerland" that would provide a central location capable of bringing all cultures together politically and economically in one area in order to ensure world peace in the future. Initial responses have been supportive with positive reviews from individuals such as James O. Goldsborough, an author for the Council on Foreign Relations. "California's Next Century 2.0: Economic Renaissance" (ISBN-978-1-937981-81-5) is available in stores now.