New Book by Author Marcus Ruiz Evans Titled California's Next Century 2.0 Argues for Political and Economic Self-Autonomy for California

540 Page Book published by Mikazuki Publishing House titled California's Next Century 2.0, authored by Marcus Ruiz Evans. This book provides a clear roadmap for California's recovery by Political and Economic Independence.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) January 06, 2013

Published by Mikazuki Publishing House and written by Author Marcus Ruiz Evans, "California's Next Century 2.0: Economic Renaissance" is a 540 page, 1.7 pound book that argues for political and economic self-autonomy for California.


Marcus believes that California's independence in making key economic decisions is vital for reversing the current economic stagnation that the state has experienced. Marcus believes that California should be separate but still a part of the United States. This would be similar to Hong Kong and China or Scotland and the United Kingdom.

Marcus said, "This book is the only economic roadmap to save California. By empowering California to make its own economic and political decisions such as trade agreements, Californians will be economically better off and so will America. The last time California needed to be bailed out, the Federal Government realized that California is too large of an economy to be bailed out. California has to make its own economic decisions in order to be the master of its destiny. Also, in California, nearly 200 languages are spoken and its culture is uniquely accepting of all international ideas. It is this crossroad of cultures and the exchange of new ideas that will create the world's next economic renaissance in California."

Marcus has a vision of California becoming a "new Switzerland" that would provide a nation capable of bringing all cultures together politically and economically in one area. It would also replace Switzerland as a perfect neutral location for the exchange of political dialogue and negotiation. Initial responses have been supportive with positive reviews from individuals such as James O. Goldsborough, an author for the Council on Foreign Relations.

"California's Next Century 2.0: Economic Renaissance" (ISBN-978-1-937981-81-5) is available in stores now.


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