Author proposes California as new Switzerland, separate nation from US

In “California’s Next Century” (ISBN 1475186029), Marcus Ruiz Evans offers a radical proposal for remaking California. For more than a century, California has been a trailblazer for America and the world alike. Its innovative residents have pushed forth cutting-edge developments in commerce, technology, art and lifestyle design. As an overhaul, Evans suggests that California embrace its unique global role and form itself as an independent republic, uniquely poised to become the Switzerland of the 21st century, a global nerve center of international diplomacy, technology and finance.

A lifelong Golden State resident, Evans draws on his own engagement with the state’s culture to develop the proposals he outlines in “California’s Next Century.”  To understand why California should take on this role, he revisits the history of 19th and early 20th century Switzerland, when Geneva served as a neutral global meeting place for international negotiations. Consequently, it reigned as a cosmopolitan parlor for passionate exchanges about the latest developments in technology, art and commerce. Over the course of the 20th century, Switzerland would lose this role to other forums such as the United States-backed United Nations, which many developing nations and global powers came to see as unfair. 

“The world needs a new negotiation and talk nexus to serve the role that Switzerland did in the last century,” Evans says. “But in this next century.”

In his book, Evans fills in the details of his radical proposal, analyzing why California would want this role and how it could assume it. Far from a crank idea, this is a scholarly analysis that seriously considers the need for a global diplomatic center. It illustrates how California and the United States could benefit from this new arrangement. “California’s Next Century” is a serious and lively book that will be appreciated by California residents and the world’s many lovers of the state who appreciate its openness to diversity and its unique ability to capitalize on the talents, passions and skills of a global array of dream seekers.

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About the Author: Marcus Ruiz Evans has lived in California his whole life, from the Central Valley and the Inland Empire, to Los Angeles and San Francisco. Having worked in the trade of global goods and served in government, he has seen through both his travels and career how other cultures value California’s distinct qualities. Of mixed Latino, Anglo and Native American heritage, Evans has experienced the state’s diversity in his own life, even pledging an Asian fraternity while attending a University of California school.