28 Mar

The website is up!

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Wanted to make some note that the website is now officially up, its March 2014

Its been a journey since the first speech I gave in August 2012 


07 Nov

Me at the CalFWD Conference

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I got into a debate with the people at this event, who cited statistics that student enrollment has not gone down, even though tuition has gone up. They thought it was great to train kids on the jobs that corporations need. But I made the point about the cost of education... and the people who were experts there said they disagreed that the costs would be too high. 

I told them that I respectfully disagreed. I looked into their citations and discovered that the number students who were actually from California originally had dropped -- and the reason that enrollment hasn't gone down is because the number of foreign students has increased.

I was able to meet a lot of people there, including the mayor of Fresno and even had a chance to share the ideas in my book with Gavin Newsom, the Lt. Governor of California. And I was especially excited to have a brief discussion with Kish Rajan, the director of the Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development -- who, as you may know, was chosen by Gov. Jerry Brown to boost California's economy.

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