Big Changes

America's century of being sole superpower is coming to an end shortly. This will mean a big change -- America lacking any influence whatsoever.

“Too many American leaders – both in government and corporate are gripped by denial, a type of Pollyanna group-think that insists that America will retain its greatness no matter what.”
Dr. James Canton “The Extreme future: the top trends that will reshape the World in the next 20 years”, 2006, pg 36.   

“One of the problems with the United States over the last generation is that Americans haven’t felt there was much to learn from the rest of the world because America was so dominant and English a more or less universal language. The world has changed, but Americans haven’t yet caught up.”
Francis Fukuyama, “Democracy Still Rules. But Will US Catch Up in a Changing World?” Christian Science Monitor, June 8 2011.

“Thus it is that we can say that the capitalist world-economy has now entered its terminal crisis, a crisis that may last up to fifty years. The real question before us is what will happen during this crisis, this transition from the present world-system to some other king of historical system or systems.”
—Immanuel Wallerstein “Globalization or the age of transition?: A long-term view of the trajectory of the world-system,” International Sociology, Volume: 15, Issue: 2, (2000) : 249-265

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