About Marcus Ruiz Evans

Marcus Ruiz Evans has lived in California his whole life, from the Central Valley and the Inland Empire, to Los Angeles and San Francisco. Having worked in the trade of global goods and served in government, he has seen through both his travels and career how other cultures value California’s distinct qualities. Of mixed Latino, Anglo and Native American heritage, Evans has experienced the state’s diversity in his own life, even pledging an Asian fraternity while attending a University of California school.

Marcus worked as a liaison between the State of California government and the Federal government for more than 10 years, forcing him to develop a personal understanding of this federal and state relationship. During this time, he also had the opportunity to work on Goods Movement efficiency studies, looking at how the international freight system operates and especially California's role in the world economy. He has traveled to Europe, Canada, and Mexico, observing firsthand their domestic infrastructure and connection to the Global economy. In addition, he traveled to many states in America, comparing views on international trade, but with a California perspective. Evans lived throughout California, including Los Angeles, the Inland Empire, the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, and the Central Valley.


  • "This serious scholarly analysis explores the unique diversity of California culture and shows how the state could transition to an independent republic in a practical arrangement that would still heavily favor the United States and benefit residents of California."

    RJH, customer review, Amazon (Nov. 5, 2012)
  • "[Marcus Ruiz Evans] does provide solid evidence for California's independence, and he effectively argues that independence would be good for California, America, and the world as a whole... California's Next Century has provided me with lots of food for thought..."

    Sponsored Review, San Francisco Book Review (p. 112, Sept. 2012)
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