A Stately Cause

Only California can save the United States, because only it has the traits to take leadership on the global stage. But will it rise to that challenge?


"California is our biggest economy…so what happens here matters to every working American…"
—THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the Press Secretary, "REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENT ON THE CALIFORNIA DROUGHT, Joe Del Bosque’s Field, Los Banos, California," February 14, 2014

"…California is not an independent nation; it is a state with the dimensions but not the sovereignty of a nation..."
—Kevin Star, California State Librarian from 1994 to April 1, 2004, in the forward to "Global California" by Abraham Lowenthal, 2008.

"And yet here in this nation-state of California, people from all over the world live in harmony. I call California a nation-state because of the diversity of out people, the power of our economy and the reach of our dream. Every race, every culture, every religion has been drawn to California. The commerce and the trade of the nations of the earth pass through our ports. The world knows our name. We are a good and global commonwealth. Yes, we have problems that must be solved. But, it remains true... what a prosperous, peaceful, golden state in which we live and work and raise our families."
—Arnold Schwarzenegger, Second Inaugural Address, Delivered: January 5, 2007

"When California has gone out for anything, a project, federal funds or whatever, it has usually acted not as one of 11 western state but as a nation demanding what it had the power to take, and the record will show that it has been highly successful in these unilateral raids and political maneuvers."
—Carey McWilliams, "California the Great Exception," p. 34, 1949

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